As you may all be aware, the 2nd International Day of Radiology will be celebrated on November 8, 2013. I would like to give you all a short summary on the progress so far.

This year 110 radiological and related societies are celebrating IDoR, which means an increase of 37.%. We are especially happy that:

  • · For the first time all European Subspecialty & Allied Sciences Societies are taking part
  • · In South America 12 societies have joined in the IDoR celebrations
  • · In Asia there are 9 participating societies
  • · Patient organisations are for the first time supporting IDoR

The IDoR team has produced a second volume of the very popular The Story of Radiology in cooperation with the International Society for the History of Radiology (ISHRAD). This volume highlights early radiation protection, the history of CT, as well as the work of William Coolidge and Gustav Bucky.

In addition, a beautiful book on thoracic imaging has been designed in cooperation with the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI): Breathe easy: how radiology helps to find and fight lung diseases. Prof. Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop is Executive Editor and she has assembled the crème de la crème of specialists to contribute to this book. This publication also marks another first in IDoR history; European patient organisations were also involved in its creation and we are delighted with this new collaboration, which reflects the ESR’s increasing role in working for the benefit of the public.

Both publications, as well as English and Spanish versions of last year’s publications, can be found here:

For the main theme of this year’s IDoR, namely thoracic imaging, the IDoR team has also created a few videos, where experts in this discipline describe the significance of imaging in the detection and treatment of lung diseases, as well as the importance of an international initiative such as IDoR for raising awareness of the discipline and the people that constitute its success.

Just like last year, social media activities are again supporting the International Day of Radiology, with thousands of people spreading the word within the radiological community.

Let’s celebrate together!