Executive Committee Members


Dr Dharmesh Daya - (President)

Dr Thami Mngoma (Vice President / President Elect)

Dr Kuben Naidu (Past President)

Dr Jean De Villiers (Secretary)

Dr Ebrahim Kader (Treasurer)
Prof V. Mngomezulu (Co-opted member)
Dr Tebogo Hlabangana (Co-opted member)
Dr Clive Sperryn (Co-opted member)
Dr Anthony Levy (Co-opted member)
Dr Eugene Jooste (Co-opted member)
Prof Leon Janse Van Rensburg (Congress Director)
Dr Richard Tuft (Executive Director)

Executive Director

Dr R. Tuft

Council Members

Dr Dharmesh Daya -Â (President)

Dr Thami Mngoma (Vice President / President Elect)

Dr Jean De Villiers (Secretary)

Dr Ebrahim Kader (Treasurer)

Dr Kuben Naidu (Past President)


Prof L. Janse Van Rensburg - (Congress Chairman)
Dr Maya Patel - (SAJR Editor)
Dr R Tuft - (Executive Director)
Dr L. (Tebs) Hlabangana (Gauteng Representative)
Dr T. Kamolane - (Gauteng Representative)
Dr S. Ndlovu - (Gauteng Representative)
Dr M. Velleman - (Gauteng Representative)
Dr C. Rossouw - (Eastern Cape Representative)
Dr John Corbett - (Free State Representative)
Dr N. Narismulu - (KZN Representative)
Dr M. Khan - (Limpopo Representative)
No Nominations Received - (Mpumalanga Representative)
Dr G. V Der Westhuizen - (North West Province Representative)
Dr M. Kruger - (Northern Cape Representative)
Dr G. Cilliers - (Western Cape Representative)
Dr J. P De Villiers - (Western Cape Representative)
Dr H. Viljoen - (Western Cape Representative)
Dr G. Jakanani - (Zimbabwe Represenative)
Dr J. A Van Rooyen - (Namibia Representative)
No Nominations Received - (Botswana Representative)
Pending - NHI
Dr R. De Villiers - SAMSIG
Dr Nasreen Mahomed - SASPI
Dr S. Candy - SASNI
Dr Jackie Smilg - BISSA
Prof V. Mngomezulu - Academic Head Rep
Prof L Scholtz - SASOCI
Dr E Prinsloo - Registrar Representative

Academic Representative

Prof V. Mngomezulu


Mr T. Allnutt
Mr F. Luttich
Mr J. Calitz
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CME Fund Committee

Dr Anthony Levy (Chairman)
Dr Anith Chacko
Prof Zarina Lockhat
Dr Shalendra Misser
Dr Phindile Mnguni
Prof Leonie Scholtz
Prof Darius Tsatsi
Prof Leon Janse van Rensburg (ex-officio member)
Dr Otto Schulze (ex-officio member)
Dr Richard Tuft (ex-officio member)

RSSA Registrar Committee

Dr A. Le Roux (Chairperson)
Dr H. Mapuranga (Secretary)

Interventional Subgroup (SAIntS)

Dr Charles Sanyika (Chair)

Dr Gareth Bydawell (Vice Chair)
Dr Mario Haines (Secretary)

NHI Sub-Committee

Pending - (Chair)
Dr Kubendra Naidu (Vice Chair)
Dr Darius Tsatsi (Secretary)

Breast Imaging Society of South Africa (BISSA)

Dr Jackie Smilg (Chairperson)
Dr Susan Chick (Deputy Chair)
Dr Peter Schoub (Secretary)

SA Musculoskeletal Imaging (SAMSIG)

Dr Richard De Villiers (Chairman)
Dr Mark Velleman (Vice Chairman)
Dr J Zietkiewicz (Secretary)
Dr R Posner (Treasurer)

South African Society of Paediatric Imaging (SASPI)

Dr Nasreen Mahomed (Chair & Treasurer shared positon)
Dr Ebrahim Bandeker (Vice Chairperson & Treasurer shared position)
Dr Ashmitha K Rajkumar (Secretary)

Co-opted Council members

Dr Tracy Kilborn (Co-opted member)

Nuclear Medicine Representative

To Be Advised

South African Society of Neurological Imaging (SASNI)

Dr Clive Sperryn (Chairperson)
Prof Sally Candy (Past Chairperson)
Dr Ebrahim Kader (Deputy Chairman)
Dr Wonder-Boy Eumane Mbatha (Secretary)
Prof Leon Janse van Rensburg (Co-opted Member)
Dr Marianne Kuehnast (Co-opted Member)
Dr Jeannine Owen (Co-opted Member)

Cardiac Imaging Interest Group - Steering Committee (SASOCI)

Prof Leonie Scholtz (Chairperson)
Dr Miranda Durand
Dr Vijay Dahya
Dr Sulaiman Moosa
Dr Jonathan Hack
Dr Andre Du Plessis

South African Neuro-Intervention Society (SANIS) website: www.sanis.co.za

Dr Arthur Winter (Chairman)