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Interview with Mario Muto, President of the 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR

www.esnr.orgDr. Yelda Ozsunar, a member of the ESNR Publication Committee, made an interview with Dr. Mario Muto, who is President of the 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR which will be starting on the 17th of September and will last till 20th of September 2015, in Naples, Italy.

To inform neuroradiologists about the details of this meeting, Dr. Ozsunar asked the following questions to Dr. Muto.

Y. Ozsunar: Why did you select Naples as a hosting city for this event?

M.Muto: I was born in Naples in 1961, my father was also a radiologist and my family has a strong radiological tradition! I have a visceral relationship with my city that I kept also during the years of my training outside Naples. My emotional involvment in this meeting is also high related to the fact that one of the founding member of ESNR, Giovanni Ruggiero was born in Naples. The venue of the meeting is perfect to enjoy of the scientific program and of the beauty of downtown area.

Y. Ozsunar: How ESNR meetings are important for neuroscience and for neuroradiologists in Europe and other countries?

M.Muto: One of the major duty of ESNR is training and CME, and related to this target, the annual meeting rapresent the most important date of our society to present update results of clinical and experimental research. Advanced Diagnostic and Interventional course rapresent certainly also an important appointment to follow for all European and not European neuroradiologist. Many countries from Asia and Africa are looking to the annual meeting of ESNR as a referring appointment to do not miss for their continual medical education.

Y. Ozsunar: Could you tell us about interesting features and highlight topics of the scientific programme in this congress?

M.Muto: All the meeting is characterized by the presence of excellent speakers able to bring and transmit their knowledge to the partecipants. Based on my previous meeting organization, I invited not only neuroradiologist as speakers but also different specialist such as neurosurgeons, oncologist and orthopedics to understand their clinical diagnostic therapeutic need. I can identify four major topic: cerebral tumors, degenerative brain disease, AVM and stroke diagnosis and treatment.

Y. Ozsunar: Are there any special program or lectures of this meeting that radiologists will remember as a special event?

M.Muto: We will have a special session for young neuroradiologist in “How to write a paper, how to patent an idea and how to get a european grant”. Sunday morning there will be a session on an open window in neuroscience in which the speakers will explain in which direction is going the research and which will be the advanced therapeutic options for certain type of disease and as parallel session we will have a session devoted to ischemic stroke with the most advanced results of the recent trial.

Y. Ozsunar: Are there any interesting social programm? What do you recommend for attendees to visit and enjoy in Naples?

M.Muto: Naples is a city full of history starting from the Greek time up to the recent century. The Old historical downtown is full of gotic, and baroc church such as museum full of masterpieces of all the different age (Archeological Museum, Capodimonte Museum, Castel Nuovo, Cappella S. Severo and the station of the new subway). It is useful to remind Naples is very close to the beautiful Sorrento, Capri and Ischia islands and to Pompei and Ercolano to whom has the passion of the Roman time!

I strongly suggest to get the ticket for the Friday evening social event at S. Carlo Theatre that is a marvelous opera House , the oldest of Europe, in which we will have the possibility to listen to the most beautiful area of Italian Opera.

Y. Ozsunar: Thank you very much for interviewing us. We wish that the 38th Annual Meeting of the ESNR will be a unforgetable congress for all of us.