RSSA Policy – CT Examinations

1. A radiologist must approve all cross-sectional imaging (both CT and MRI)

examinations and determine the appropriate scanning protocols, with regard to

clinical indication, appropriateness and patient safety.

2. A radiologist must be available, either in person or by remote digital connection,

to view and approve the images at the completion of the examination.

3. The decision to administer contrast media either intravenously or by any other

route is the sole responsibility of the radiologist.

4. A prescription for the contrast medium must be completed and either stored in its

original form, or scanned in to the Radiology Information System (RIS) or

entered directly into the patient’s record in the RIS.

5. A medical practitioner, trained in resuscitation, must be present or immediately

available in the radiology department, when intravenous contrast media is


6. An appropriately qualified Radiologist must report on all cross-sectional imaging

studies, done for diagnostic purposes. All reports must be signed either

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