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The radiological society of South Africa code of conduct
Code of ethics
Responsibilities to the patient
Confidentiality and Access to records
Informed consent
Professional fees
Radiation safety
Responsibility to the profession
Advertising, marketing and touting
Responsibilities to society
Responsibilities to oneself
Clinical research
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  1. Create a working environment conducive for underscoring employee ethical conduct and behaviour.
  2. Ensure that individuals may freely express ethical concerns and provide mechanisms for discussing and addressing such concerns.
  3. Ensure a working environment that is free from harassment (sexual and other), coercion of any kind (especially to perform illegal or unethical acts); and discrimination on the basis of race, creed, colour, gender, ethnic origin, age, disability or any other ground.
  4. Ensure a working environment that is conducive to proper utilisation of employees’ skills and abilities.
  5. Pay particular attention to the employee’s work environment and job safety; and
  6. Establish appropriate grievance and appeals mechanisms.
  7. Comply with all legal requirements related to leave, pension and other employment benefits.
  8. Ensure that reasonable and market related payment is made to deserving employees.
  9. Foster a learning environment to improve the skills of employees.