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The radiological society of South Africa code of conduct
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Confidentiality and Access to records
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Responsibility to the profession
Advertising, marketing and touting
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  1. Do not enter into any scheme or arrangement in terms of which a medical practitioner, a group of medical practitioners or a funder requesting radiology services on behalf of patients receives any financial or material benefit, including free shares in any company or shares at a price substantially below market value, or any other valuable consideration whatsoever, or directly or indirectly shares in the income derived by the radiologist for such service requests.
  2. Do not remunerate a medical practitioner directly or through any other person, in any manner, which could be regarded as an indirect payment or other benefit for referring patients to or requesting radiology services from the radiologist.
  3. Do not pay or offer to pay any remuneration by way of monetary payment or any other valuable consideration to any member of the staff of a hospital, or any person, natural or juristic, contracted to a hospital.
  4. Do not purchase or offer to purchase for or supply to or provide free of charge or at a nominal charge to another practitioner any clinical or other equipment, such as computers and related hardware and software programmes, telefax machines or cellular telephones.