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The radiological society of South Africa code of conduct
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Responsibilities to the patient
Confidentiality and Access to records
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Responsibility to the profession
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Responsibilities to Society

  1. Recognize that community, society and the environment are important factors in the health of individual patients.
  2. Accept a share of the profession's responsibility to society in matters relating to public health, health education, environmental protection, legislation affecting the health or well being of the community, and the need for testimony at judicial proceedings.
  3. Recognize the responsibility of doctors to promote fair access to health care resources.
  4. Use health care resources prudently.
  5. Refuse to participate in or support practices that violate basic human rights.
  6. Recognize a responsibility to give the generally held opinions of the profession when interpreting scientific knowledge to the public; when presenting an opinion that is contrary to the generally held opinion of the profession, so indicate.
  7. Work to identify and meet the health care needs of the community.
  8. Work to ensure that all people have reasonable access to health care services.
  9. Participate in public dialogue on health care policy issues and advocate solutions that will improve health status and promote quality health care.
  10. Provide prospective consumers with adequate and accurate information, enabling them to make enlightened judgements and decisions regarding services.