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The radiological society of South Africa code of conduct
Code of ethics
Responsibilities to the patient
Confidentiality and Access to records
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Responsibility to the profession
Advertising, marketing and touting
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Responsibilities to the Profession

  1. Recognize that the self-regulation of the profession is a privilege and that each doctor has a continuing responsibility to merit this privilege.
  2. Teach and be taught.
  3. Avoid impugning the reputation of colleagues for personal motives; however, report to the appropriate authority any unprofessional conduct by colleagues.
  4. Be willing to participate in peer review of other doctors and to undergo review by your peers.
  5. Avoid promoting, as a member of the medical profession, any product for personal gain.
  6. Do not keep secret from colleagues the diagnostic or therapeutic agents and procedures that you employ.
  7. Collaborate with other doctors and health professionals in the care of patients and the functioning and improvement of health services.
  8. Conduct yourself in a professional manner that is beyond reproach and take the necessary steps to correct unethical behaviour by colleagues
  9. Ensure that you maintain your professional independence and integrity when entering into any contract or association regarding professional services; recognise that you remain personally responsible to your patients for care and ensure that the terms and conditions of your contract are fair.
  10. Enhance the dignity and image of the medical and radiology professions through positive public information programs; and
  11. Refrain from participating in any activity that demeans the credibility and dignity of the medical and radiology professions.