Radiological Society of South Africa Radiological Society of South Africa RSSA

Benefits of Membership

The RSSA has a wealth of ever increasing membership benefits.

The RSSA (Radiological Society of South Africa) is the Professional Association of Radiologists in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Our promise is to provide radiologists with imaging standards, protocols, ethical guidelines and training to ensure appropriate imaging and the best outcomes for their patients. 


The RSSA has a significant advocacy role and interacts with the following bodies by attending international and local conferences/seminars and meetings on a one to one basis:

We continue to comment on Health Matters to the DOH and HPCSA.  We provide opinions and guidelines when required.

We advise members on medico-legal issues

We have worked with the Council of Medical schemes on its PMB review.

RSSA is represented on the SAMA Private Practice Committee.

RSSA works hard to ensure Radiology is visible in the healthcare environment both to increase awareness of the profession and what it does but also to protect our interests.


Educational benefits to members include:


This is the Continued Medical Development Arm of the RSSA overseen by our CME Chairperson and Committee and is actively involved as follows:

Why join?

As you can see, there is a wealth of ever-increasing benefits to joining the RSSA.

The RSSA has an excellent reputation of uniting radiologists and looking after their interests, and we, therefore, wish to emphasise the greater the support, the more effective and influential the Society will be.