9/24/2021 H4TW International Radiology Grand Rounds: Scrotal Ultrasound with Dr.Marjorie Stein






Dr. Marjorie Stein, MD

Professor of Clinical Radiology

Department of Radiology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Montefiore Medical Center


H4TW Montefiore Chapter





Dr.Mohamed Badawy, MD

Research Fellow

Department of Diagnostic Imaging

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center


H4TW UT Chapter




Please join us on Friday, 9/24, for International Grand Rounds with Dr. Marjorie Stein

Title: Scrotal Ultrasound


Date: 9/24/2021

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 am PST (California time)

Location: Virtual

Cost: Free!





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