On behalf of the Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia (Brazilian College of Radiology), we have the pleasure and the honor to invite you and your Society to participate in the World Forum: Trends in Diagnostic Imaging, to be held fully online on 30 October 2021, from 8:00 to 18:00 (Brasilia Time).

This event is promoted by the Brazilian College of Radiology and seeks to look into the next ten years of radiology through the eyes of the global leaders in our field.

We aim at identifying the opportunities and the threats that may be envisioned in the near future in the diagnostic imaging of breast, abdomen, thorax, head and neck, neuroradiology, paediatrics, intervention, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine and radiologic protection, as well considering the formation, management, technology and innovation in the field of diagnostic imaging.

We will discuss questions such as:

  1. What opportunities may be envisioned in our field within the context proposed by the theme of the panel?
  2. In the same context, what would be the major threats?
  3. How should we prepare, both as society and as individuals, to face the challenges that will certainly come our way?

More Info:

YouTube : World Forum Trends 21'31': Imaging Tomorrow

Valdair Muglia – President of CBR

Giuseppe D’Ippolito – Director of International Affairs of CBR